Branding Methods

What decorating methods are available?




Embroidery is the perfect decorating method on uniforms and clothing, providing the very best washability and durability along with the ability to embroid in multi-colours with ease. We use state of the art embroidery machines along with the best King Star embroidery threads providing excellent sheen, vibrant colours, low thread breakage and extreme resistance to fading. Your logo is digitised into a special format that is read by our embroidery machines, each garment is loaded onto the embroidery machine and held into place with a hoop. Once everything is ready each logo is intricately stitched into place with thousands of stitches in various colours. Embroidery provides a very high end quality finish to your custom uniforms.

Pad Printing


Pad printing is our most common printing methods on pens and promotional products. Your logo is etched into a metal plate which is then filled with your chosen ink colour. Any excess is scraped off and a silicon pad presses against the plate and transfers it onto the pen. Each colour requires a new plate set-up and seperate pad press.

Pad printing is best suited to a range of shapes and curves. The advantage of using pad printing is that you can make detailed logos and small text with minimal loss of quality.


Screen Printing


Screen printing is one of the most common methods for printing on larger surfaces like T-Shirts or drink bottles. This branding method involves using a squeegee to press the colour through a fine, stretched mesh to transfer the colour onto the promotional product. By producing a film with the print design and then projecting the film onto the cloth in between, you ensure that only the colour of the design passes through. Each print colour requires a different screen set-up. Screen printing provides excellent durability and washability.

Digital Printing


Digital printing requires a digital flatbed printer. Promotional products are placed in to a special jig which holds each product in place. A print head goes back and forth over the promotional product to transfer ink onto the surface. This works largely in the same way as a standard colour printer for paper in that the printing information is transferred digitally from the computer.

With digital printing you can print in multi colour, as CMYK colours are used. This provides a wide range of possibilities as it allows printing of gradients, photos and other complex designs which other print methods simply cannot process.

Laser Engraving


Engraving involves using a computerised laser to etche a design on the product’s surface. Most commonly used on metal surfaces laser engraving is perfect for metal pens and aluminium drink bottles.

Laser engraving provides excellent durability as it will not rub off after continuous use and exposure to harsh environments. The major advantage is that engraving is permanent, eco friendly and provides a very elegant finish to exclusive and high end metal pens.

Dye Sublimation


The Dye sublimated process uses heat-sensitive dyes to print graphics and text onto special transfer paper. The print becomes a part of the garment once the transfer paper and promotional product come into contact through heat. The sublimation process is always done on a polyester, polymer, or polymer-coated item, making it only suitable on some items. Dye sublimation ink has excellent colour brightness, feels like it is part of the fabric and produces brilliantly crisp images.